Monday, December 11, 2006

a really good video game

I would like to make a brief plug for Eternal Darkness, perhaps the best video game ever made, if you like the genre of horror time travel and the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. I realize that this is a small target audience, but I would still like to spread the good word. Like “Beyond Good and Evil”, it was probably doomed to be a cult classic from the start. Oh well.


La Niña said...

Hello albtraum. I'm crossing over today from superkimbo's blog. :) Never heard of the "horror time travel" genre in video games but I'll probably check out Eternal Darkness. Is this a PC game? My personal favorite though are real time strategy games that involve period or military wars. At the top of the list is Age of Empires. But currently addicted to Company of Heroes!

albtraum said...

Hey thanks for the comment, Niña!

Eternal Darkness is a Nintendo Gamecube game, which is probably one of the reasons that it wasn't more popular, because it's kind of an adult game and the Gamecube had a "kiddy" image. Oh well.

I also really like historical real-time strategy games. I am currently in the middle of playing through all three Age of Empires games, Rise of Nations, and Age of Mythology. I have nowhere near enough time to finish any of the campaigns, but I love to play any of those for a few hours when I get the chance. My current favorite is probably Rise of Nations because I like the fast way your units evolve through the time periods. It's really cool to start playing with spears and have machine guns like an hour later. Thanks again for reading!