Thursday, March 08, 2007

Haiku Week, Day 1

Spring’s tall grass breeds pests
Ancient crabs cling to their turf
Gorilla loin-spawn

Ok here’s the deal. I’ve recently been told in a friendly but firm way that my posts are too convoluted and long for normal human browsing. I really wasn’t trying to be difficult, I guess I just figured that everyone’s interests were exactly the same as my own and that therefore anything I wrote on topics that interest me, no matter how rambling, would be inherently riveting. Oops. So I’m going to post nothing but haikus for at least a week as penance, although I have in the past said I would avoid the form. This poem deals with the very real and very interesting possibility that some of our lice originally evolved on gorillas, and the larger idea that human evolutionary history can be traced by studying parasites and more specifically head and pubic lice, as discussed on this extremely interesting article. I will not be quoting from the interesting page, even though I find it very, very interesting. If you’re interested you’ll have to click on the link yourself. Thank you.


mairin said...

That picture of the pubic lice (AKA crabs) should be included in every single high school health book to promote safe sex, because just knowing that something that hideous could live on your body is quite an eye-opening experience! I actually did read the article and thought that it was very interesting--it's strange how something like lice can give new possible insights into evolution, isn't it?????

superkimbo said...

Yay! A post I can read in 5 minutes!

albtraum said...

Thanks guys! Your comments have saved me from developing multiple personalities!