Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympic Fever

I was working on a post on here about how I dislike the Olympics, but it descended into a string of obscenities, so I’ve decided it was too negative and I’m taking it off.

Instead, here’s something we can all enjoy: The visual punchline for a joke about Chinese air pollution.

Mascot tracheotomy.


Intrepidflame said...

I was able to read the deleted post on my RSS reader and have to say I liked it better than this one. I too hate the Olympics, but have always felt ashamed to admit it. This year China is making it so easy.

Did I mention that I also hate the 4th of July, parades in general, and most forms of mindless jingoism?

Although I love the word jingoism. Go figure.

albtraum said...

Dang it... I wonder if there's a way to get something like that taken off the RSS feed once it's been "published".

Not that I mind a couple people seeing that angry little post, but what if I'd written something really weird? It'd be out there in the RSS feed forever, or what? Yikes. I'll either have to get a better understanding of how RSS works, or be more careful in hitting that "post" button.