Friday, April 11, 2008

Virtually Finished

I’ve been working off and on the last couple of weeks on a model of the Pantheon in SketchUp, and after a six-hour push today I’m happy to announce that I think I’ve captured the basic dimensions and rough color scheme of the structure.

During the course of the modelling I learned a lot about how to more efficiently use the program, particularly about how to use groups and components, so I have a feeling that my next models will go a lot more smoothly. I have a long way to go - for example the column capitals aren’t even sculpted into any semblance of their real shape - but compared to my earlier buildings I feel as if I’ve graduated from fingerpainting in my own fetid waste to using a pencil, ruler and compass.

I’ve celebrated this virtual apodemitheosis by exporting a brief video showing a hypothetical person walking into my simulated Pantheon and looking around. I briefly flirted with adding music, then I remembered that every time I’ve looked at a YouTube tutorial video with random sh*tty techno music added, I’ve hit “mute” as fast as I possibly could.

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