Friday, February 23, 2007

Haiku time

Through the glass, no snow.
A crow’s shape crosses the square
How much have I missed?

This is basically about me checking webcams in Munich and the Alpine region all month, trying to see some snow. Aside from one day a few weeks ago it seems to not have snowed very much this year, and this was supposed to express the thoughts about passing seasons, global warming, homesickness etc. I always get from the whole checking the webcams thing.

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all said...

I do the same thing except instead of webcams I read the paper. I don't even realize I'm home sick at times until it seems I happen to know more about what's going on there than here. This is a protective factor for me so that I don't get crushed when I visit home and find that a Starbucks and Home Depot have been built in the middle of my small, once rural, town. So I sympathize with you...