Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lost in Other-Siding...

...Starring Birdbeak Murray and Dark-Red, Son of Johan.

I somehow happened upon a goofy news blog with the following article:

Wikipedia is broken in sites of cover 10 of the E.E.U.U. In line popular encyclopedia of Wikipedia of the foundation of Wikimedia cracked superior list ten of most of the Web site popular in the E.E.U.U for the first time in January, according to networks of comScore.

It seems to be a Spanish article machine-translated into English, about Wikipedia cracking (“broken”) the top 10 list (“superior list 10”) of American “in line” sites.

Man that sucks. PLEASE hire professionals to do your translating work for you, or at least pay a native speaker to look the stuff over.

It could be worse, though. I own a couple of Asian movies with English subtitles which were clearly not translated by humans, and it’s almost impossible to watch them. People will be having a karate fight or whatever, and the subtitles will say stuff like “Woman woman snow punch wanderings? Not whelm inner carbuncle!”

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